Many years ago our company made detailed studies on water resources in Russia and water quality on the market. The results were shocking. Despite huge reserves of drinking water quality (25% of the world!), the culture of consumption, production and packaging of water was very low. The best offer on the market was filtered “water” from urban water supply.

That’s why the idea arose to build a bottling plant of mineral water from a natural spring. It was created an outstanding international team with long experience in the field of water and beverages at the world’s leading companies. The first phase of the Project was divided into the following elements:

– WATER. Not only a source of inspiration, but also the basis of the entire project. The water of excellent quality was found 70 km south of Moscow.

– TECHNOLOGY. During discussions it was decided to go a little further and to produce also natural water-based drinks, with no preservatives, colorants or additives.

– BUILDING. It was simply a consequence of the idea of maximizing all the functional and technological processes. It was weighed literally every square inch of the plant. Here we allowed ourselves a little of emotions: decorative concrete, glass and bamboo of seven meters high in the office area of the plant. And a recreation area in the apple orchard …

The next step on the agenda is launching the plant, production and market entry.