The drinking water, the right one, can be found only in natural sources. Only after having completed its natural course – from the sky through the layers of the Earth crust, absorbing different minerals, the water becomes natural. This is predetermined by nature itself. For most of its history, people drank only natural water. It is not surprising that it is better for human physiology. The water taken from an inappropriate source needs treatment, purification or filtration. In this case, it becomes a secondary product, losing its important natural properties. That’s why Seven Lines company does not produce artificial bottling water, though it becomes more and more difficult to find the source of natural drinking water that does not require processing before consumption.
Our commitment to the natural water is caused not only by scientists researches, but also by taste. Natural drinking water has special gustatory properties, this can be confirmed by anyone, regardless of his education or scientific competence. The natural taste of water is another incentive which inspires us to respect nature and to search new sources.